November 30, 2008

TRUE Prophet Robert F Kennedy v CIA Web of Disinformation, Disarm Citizens Agenda 1968 v 2009

TRUE Prophet Robert F Kennedy is part of many of the KEY pieces in the puzzle "End of the USA".
Many of those pieces were revealed worldwide first by End Times Prophet Matt Marriott.

One of them is the murder of Robert Kennedy. (1)
One of the facts about the murder revealed first by End Times Prophet is how successful it was to sell the "CIA is able to do mind control" hoax (2), which is propagated until these days mainly by the CIA Web of Disinformation.

But the Illuminati Disinformation in the months before the murder was another KEY factor why the murder was so successful.
What disinformation is it?
Hint: it is directly related to the agenda now on top of the list: "Totally Disarm Citizens". (3)

(1) Transcript of Prophet's words from "Murder of Robert F Kennedy and End of the USA - FULL STORY":
As the End of the USA puzzle is about to be completed, revealing for the first time the FULL story about this piece of the puzzle should no longer be postponed.


(3) What RFK stated on May 27, 1968, one week before the illuminati murdered him, is the KEY to the inauguration day for the 44th President, both in plan A and plan B, following the illuminati anti-Bible script.

Reminder: plan A had suicide Obomber, aka Obama, the actor assigned the anti-Bible role for Christ the impostor, the real abomination of desolation, detonating the bomb before the inauguration with Hillary Clinton as 44th and last president
Plan B, had Obama being inaugurated in a counterfeit ceremony (the botched oath), while Clinton would play Secretary of State. Plan B was to be used if systemic collapse would arrive earlier than expected, what would make control of riots impossible, since it would have to be Clinton to previously issue the edict disarming citizens.
As additionally the illuminati launched Financial Armageddon, the last possible non-nuclear attack to Russia in a last desperate attempt to create chaos in Russia, it seems that there will be no more the time to let Obama finally play suicide bomber. If that is still the case, his suicide act will be staged to simultaneously have him play the role of black leader in the supervised ethnic civil war, the last possible illuminati tactic weapon to postpone the end.

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