July 4, 2011

Nuclear bombs NOT ultimate illuminati weapon: Syria snipers to Trump

Nuclear bombs: ABSOLUTELY NOT the ultimate illuminati weapon
Last Prophet's words from Jul 2011. 
Added: how Trump ALSO illustrates the 1+1 sum,  Sep 2015. 
This gives as subheadline: Snipers, from Homs 2011 to Damascus 2016; suicide bombers, from McCain/Romney 2008-2012 to Trump 2016.
First stage: not yet the same type of zoom in each side
As soon as some of the revolting people are also ready to die but they are still disarmed, the role of snipers resumes to shoot a few protesters, as scare tactics.
Jul 1, 2011 - Particularly shocking illustration: the video of his own murder, by activist and blogger, shot in cold blood by the very same Assad's neo-Gestapo sniper he was zooming in while protesting in Homs.
Reminder: at the second stage zooming is reduced to only one type.
Disarmed citizens NOT Nuclear bombs.... IS the ultimate illuminati weapon
All you need to get it is to add 1+1: the "nuclear weapons capabability for wiping out the enemy" hoax + the capability of snipers to defeat the illuminazis, ultimately illustrated in the battle of Stalingrad.
That explains the "republican imposter" role in the "very last US elections" script, played by McCain 2008 and now by Romney.
Reminder of what the role is: "elected president" only to be "impeached and stripped" to let Hitlery Clinton be crowned Miss Universe immediately after completing his main mission:  to disarm citizens,

Added Sep 2015, with Trump playing the "republican imposter" role
The role had to be modified because the illuminati failed to crush the rebels in Iraq (falsely called ISIS) and Syria, which forced the Illuminati Grand Master to postpone the BIG BANG again and again.
The result: it was Obama who has continued the disarm agenda, the "republican impostor" role as "counterfeit president role disarming citizens" is no longer a requirement.
In other words: as for the disarm agenda the BIG BANG can already be launched now, Hillary can be be proclaimed the real 44th president after Obama's staged arrest.
But to discard Trump having to play counterfeit president for a while, at least one of two requirements have yet to be fulfilled, both unrelated to the disarm agenda.
See "The missions of the current "republican imposter" role - as of Sep 2015".

Jul 3, 2011 - Illuminati media reporting it, only because it's part of the scare tactic:
Shocking video footage has emerged from the Syrian city of Homs in which a young man filming gunfire in the streets appears to be shot dead in cold blood by the sniper he zooms in on.
A clip circulating on YouTube begins with a male voice describing "someone shooting at citizens in Karm al-Sham on 1 July without any reason and no demonstrations."
The cameraman is filming from an upper floor against a background of slogans being chanted. Jerky images of the street and balconies are followed by a blurred glimpse of a man in olive green, standing in the shadows, carefully moving forward and raising and firing a weapon – followed by a single shot, moaning, and distraught voices pleading for help.
video that illuminati forced youtube to remove: "cp_ajN7Kqvc".
Second stage: example of the day, updated Oct 19, 2016
An Ahrar al-Sham sniper snipes and hits a IV Reich mercenary on the outskirts of Der Khabeyah in western Damascus.
Orginal article extended with Trump: the locked TRUTH, illustrated by this page from Jan 8, 2016, long before the scary clown started to FULLY detonate.

People terrorized by nuclear war is the result of a decades long brainwash process. 
Nuclear weapons capabability of wiping out the enemy is a HOAX - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE
Dec 2012: Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed, ever since systemic collapse in July 2007. 
From Hitler's 30% to daughter Merkel's 3% - 
Ukraine preview: What happens once citizens were disarmed and additionally now almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast
Boris Johnson, Trump: BOTH casted as suicide bombers, scary clowns
The reason why Boris Johnson and Trump were casted to look like brothers: parallel scripts.
Detail differences include: Boris plays suicide bomber not only as candidate but also as part of the government.
As for their relation to Assad: Boris is the same anti-Assad type as those who have "easts Aleppo's bombed boy Omran" as pinned tweet for two months now:

The missions of the current "republican imposter" role - as of Sep 2015
1. To set the stage for the manhunt for non-whites and dissidents, before detonating as suicide bomber to let Hitlery finish the job.
2. To convince the audience that votes are counted, to complete the citizens disarmed agenda, same as before, but at this stage possibly to have Clinton immediately crowned.
Trump will have to play counterfeit president only if NONE of these two requirements are fulfilled: 
- rebels defeated in Iraq and Syria before the inauguration. In this case Obama's staged arrest is immediately staged, and there will be no election, with Clinton immediately proclaimed the real 44th president.
- enough support for Clinton to reach the critical mass for her inauguration.  A 40,000 "crowd" is all it takes to have the audience believe that Clinton got the scripted 66.6 million votes. 
But when someone is disliked by 98% of americans even the tactic of fear ("stop scary clown  Trump") is no guarantee to fulfill this requirement.

After reading this you'll know why illuminati media didn't show any overview of Trump's first rally as president, in Melbourne, Fla, Feb 18, 2017.