November 9, 2014

What happens once citizens were disarmed: Ukraine vs USA

From Hitler's 30% to daughter Merkel's 3% - What happens once citizens were disarmed and additionally now almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast

Nazis no longer need 30% support to terrorize and exterminate the rest, as Hitler 1933.
As Ukraine 2014 shows, now 3% will already do the job.
And that number ncludes those who do it not because of ideology but of money, like thousands of paid football hooligans converted to nazi militias.

USA and EU: Neo Gestapo practicing mass arrests with IRS debtors, before the REAL DEAL starts - Why you never heard a word about it 
Answer: For the same reason, total cotrol of the media, that you never heard a word in illuminati media about Neo Gestapo practicing mass arrests in the Ukraine of anyone 
- accused of speaking russian, 
- accused of not being nazi enough
- refusing to take part in the genocide of their own brothers and sisters, from refusing conscription to refusing to bomb civilians what means being shot on the spot.

Only difference between USA/EU and Ukraine
in the Ukraime there's no longer a difference to the III Reich: 
- not only the "subhumans" (started with Jews in the III Reich, started with russian speakers in the Ukraine) ...
- but ALSO anyone can be beaten in public, anyhwere from pedestrian streets to highways.

Ukrainian nazis in action
14 Apr 2014 - "election": Lynching presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev for not being nazi enough:
Illuminati media calls the Einsatzgruppen an "angry mob":
The 44-year-old Tsarev, whose presidential bid has only the tiniest support, waited two hours at the TV studios before stepping out into the crowd where, despite some protection from his bodyguards, he was engulfed by a mob who threw eggs at him and then beat him.
He was hustled into a waiting ambulance but members of Right Sector seized him and drove him first to the headquarters of the state security service and then to the prosecutor’s office.
Standing bare to the waist and with a black eye and scratches to his face, Tsarev told journalists: “I did not ask for Russian troops to be sent in. I am categorically against this.”

In the city: Arresting anyone accused of being not enough nazi.

In the highway: stopping anyone for any reason to be arrested or simply beaten.
Cutthroates from Aidar battallion beat up a pregnant woman in the middle of the highway to kiev.
Iiluminati forced youtube to hide the video after 2 days, because it had one million views.

Armed "Student Nationalist Police" breaks into a lecture at Sumy University, supposedly looking for "Moscals" [Russian speakers] but in fact for anyone deemed not nazi enough.
The test is as simple as this: students forced to sing the Ukrainian national anthem.
Neo Gestapo: Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Nation! Ukraine!
Students: Above all!
Neo Gestapo: Ukraine!
Students: Above all!
Neo Gestapo: Are there any Moskals among you? Sing the anthem! What are you laughing about? Are you a Russian patriot? Don't be shy! Sing it!

Jan 2015: Teenagers fleeing nazi controlled Ukraine to escape conscription, as it becomes legal for Neo-Gestapo to shoot refuseniks on the spot.
On the other hand:
19yo NAF girl shows how to shoot

Jul 2004: Ukraine preview: What happens once citizens were disarmed and additionally now almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast

Ukraine 2014: official resurrection of Hitler: nazi tactics beyond air bombing civilians.
Main qualitative differences between the Rwanda and the Ukraine genocide, 20 years later:

Fake shooting: general agenda is "disarm citizens". Each act, served in an almost weekly basis since 2011, advances other illuminati agendas,
Sandy Hook, Newtown elementary school HAD ZERO NOT 800 students as announced the day the hoax was staged (later reduced to 600): ANYONE can test it for himself in LESS THAN ONE DAY:

Ukrainian batallions wearing nazi symbols in the manhunt for ethnic russians and dissidents:
Neither the first nor the only neo-Gestapo now carrying out a genocide.
UN peackeepers v shia militias, christian v sunni genocide

Sep 2015 - One of the basic facts about young male refugees from Syria and Iraq illuminati media  censors:
80% of them are deserters from the nazi puppet armies, and most of these are sunni conscripts who faced the choice to participate in the genocide of sunnis or be shot on the spot.
And in Budapest the neo-Gestapo gives them the same kind of train ticket that the Gestapo gave to the hungarian jews:

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