December 17, 2012

Staged Shootings - Typology - Evolution from real victims to only actors in cast

From real victims in OKC 1995 and 911 2001 to only actors in Boston Marahon and ALL Staged Shootings since 2010
All "shootings" in headlines since Newtown, December 2012, were also virtual, using only actors, all with ZERO victims, as expected from End Times Reductionism.
Same as for ALL "terror attacks" in the EU and the USA after 7/7 London 2005.
False flags totally staged with actors are now used to set the stage for the suprevised race war agenda (LAPD killer Dorner, Navy Yard shooter Alexis, etc). 
Evolution is apparently commanded by the illuminati religion's commandment to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show.
In fact it's ruled by the Laws of End times Reductionism, as ANYTHING else in Illuminati End Times.

Published December 17, 2012:
Shootings at Newtown Connecticut 2012, Aurora Colorado 2012, Utoya Oslo 2011, Tucson Arizona 2011 = ALL of the same type, TOTALLY staged with ACTORS.
Minor differences: actors used to play "shooters" in Colorado and Norway; two people were actually murdered to set the stage for the Oslo staged event.

Illuminati shooting rampage massacres: Virginia Tech 2007 to Connecticut 2012: typology of victims, shooters, stage, agenda
The illuminati have staged a series of "shooting rampage" massacres. 
The main typology of these massacres:
real?: yes (people killed on stage where the act was executed); no (fake, or in other words no victims, purely virtual);
stage: in schools (Virginia Tech USA 2007, Germany 2009, Connecticut USA 2012) or not (Arizona USA 2010, Oslo Norway 2011, Batman USA 2011);
main agenda: advance or complete the disarm citizens agenda? Yes: all except Oslo 2011, when the main goal was to advance other agendas also part of the "legalize nazi state" agenda, closely related to the agendas advanced with the first act of type "bombing the own citizens", the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

As for the fake "shootings":
shooter: virtual or actor;
victims: real or virtual.

Milestones for each act
Real blood 
Virginia Tech massacre : first act pushing reductionism to 0 as far as the "shooter": purely virtual, no footage of "family" ever shown.

Germany massacre: 
- remake of Virginia Tech. 
As for the "shooter":
- The only proof of a "family" of virtual "shooter "Tim Kretschmer" was a photo of the "grandparents".
As for the REAL "shooter":
- first time the illuminati make clear who the real shooter is; 
- the real shooter played the role of having his car stopped by the virtual "shooter", with "both" driving in the same car for a while.
- for the first time the real shooter is presented on TV, days after the act, on Germany's main talk show, with talkmaster Beckman celebrating the mass murder as hero, accordingly to the illuminati religion.

Fake blood
Arizona "massacre": 
- for the first time actors play either "shooters" or "victims" roles, in this case "injured" representative Gabrielle Giffords.
As for the "victims":
- reductionism pushed to the utter limits: for the first time 0 victims, or in other words the first purely virtual "shootings".

Oslo Norway "massacre":
- "victims" was a remake of Arizona, extended with a premiere, both for for the "shooter" and for the "vicitms", in staged fake or real massacres.
As for the "shooter":
- the illuminati first suggested a remake of the Arizona "shooter", or in other words, also a purely virtual shooter; 
- an actor was introduced for the first time, to play the shooter's role "Anders Breivik", seven months later. 
As for the "victims":
- two people were murdered to suggest that the announced 90 "victims" were real (a few days later reduced to 77).
Reminder: this was already done in a massacre of type "bombing own citizens" (911: Barbara Olson, to suggest that there were planes), but never before in a massacre of type "shootings".

"Batman" "massacre" : 
- nothing new, remake of the purely virtual Oslo act, again using actors ("Holmes") for the "shooter"'s role.

Connecticut "massacre": 
- stage: school reductionism pushed to the utter limits, with a 6 years old class. 
As for the victims: 
- possibility of increasing impact is reduced to 0, not only because babies do not go to school but also because reducting the age would be less efficient. 
massacre in a maternity would have less impact.
Not only because the legalization of abortion, one of the already completed illuminati agendas, reduced to near 0 the emotional reaction to the massacre of babies.
As for the "shooter":
- first time footage of "family" presented: "brother" of "Lanza" being arrested, while at the same time the illuminati suggest that "shooter Lanza" is purely virtual. 

BASICS - Real blood
University School - Virginia Tech USA 2007

High School - Germany 2009

BASICS - Fake blood
One of the advantages of scripts reduced to actors, not only as victims but also as shooters as in the "Batman Holmes" and "Oslo Breivik" cases, is that they can write the script as a soap-opera.
Norway bombing and "shooting" = 911 without victims, except for one girl from Iraq and the stepbrother of crown princess Mette-Maritt.
Start here:
Illuminati use a photo of Glenn Beck to photoshop pure virtual Arizona "shooter" "Jared Lee Loughner" in the first pure virtual "shootings".
Same type of joke but pushed much further with Breivik, months before an actor finally stepped on stage for the "trial":

School - Connecticut USA 2012
Sandy Hook, Newtown elementary school HAD ZERO NOT 800 students as announced the day the hoax was staged (later reduced to 600): ANYONE can test it for himself in LESS THAN ONE DAY:

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